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Welcome to JavaK!

We offer free resources to assist you with your homework or school assignments. All our information is targeted at students in grades 10 to 12 as well as post-matric students. Our articles on Java programming tips and techniques are accompanied by source code and screen shots (where applicable) for your convenience.

First-time visitors should take special note of our various links and our Google search engine that allows you to quickly find selected keywords on our website. We strive to maintain a simple and effective layout and to continuously update our website with new information. This website forms and integral part of our main project, the Afrikaans
JavaK website that provides the same resources in the Afrikaans language.

We have several articles, documents, links and even complete projects, with source code, for you to view. For shorter questions we have also introduced a Q & A section that deals with questions we often get asked by our students and visitors.

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About Us

JavaK provides free help and resources for school projects and homework exercises. All our source code is tested to work with Java Standard Edition 1.6, unless otherwise noted. We try to implement realistic examples and to set a high standard of coding practices while attempting to keep our content relevant to the current school curriculum.

JavaK was founded by Ewald Horn of
NoFuss Solutions, a Java development and training solutions provider in the Boland. Ewald is the lead Java developer and owner of the company and has been active in Java teaching, training and lecturing from 1996. Our site content is derived from experiences in classes and emailed questions that we receive. While we do write most of our own articles, we are open to contributions from other writers (including students) and give due credit to all authors and contributors.

Along with the free information on these pages, JavaK also gives extra classes for students in groups or as individuals. We also provide entry-level courses for adults who are considering venturing into the programming arena. Please contact us should you require extra classes or a special "sweat-shop" on a particular Java-related subject.

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We have "hidden" our email address in an effort to combat the alarming amount of junk mail we have been receiving lately and regret that we have had to remove the direct email link.